Stefan and Fab 5 Freddy discuss making this film

In compelling new film Hold Your Fire, a siege that pitted black robbers against white US police led to an unlikely outcome
Films about hostage situations rarely play out like Hold Your Fire, where both the captives and captors don’t die…

‘Hold Your Fire’ Director Stefan Forbes on Gripping Police-Siege Documentary

“Hold Your Fire,” Stefan Forbes’ gripping new documentary, details a tense standoff between police and four young African American men at a sporting goods store in Brooklyn, N.Y. Though set in 1973, the issues that Forbes’ film…

Stefan on the Freedom Film Series podcast w/ TT Stern-Enzi

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Dr. Harvey Schlossberg in The NY Times

A psychologist who had worn the blue, he coached thousands of New York City police officers in hostage negotiations, creating a model for law enforcement…

Stefan and Fab 5 Freddy on Fox

Stefan and Fab 5 Freddy on Fox